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Astrometric Resynchronization instead of guiding

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Astrometric Resynchronization instead of guiding

I can obtain 120 second round stars with my mount /telescope without guiding. Maximdl says less than 10% on the flatness of the stars at .78 arcsec/pixel.

 Could I use astrometric resynchonization with maximdl between images to obtain exoplanet data rather than guiding? It takes less than 2 seconds. Shorter than the image download.



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Should work

I use it. Solves and saves the solved images too.



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Plate solving instead of guiding


It would be interesting to see how accurate it gets the target back on the same pixels.


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My experience is that it is

My experience is that it is not ideal. But keeps me within about 5 arcseconds or 5 pixels. <4 arcsec FWHM stars. In my case it works well  from about 58 degrees down to 0 degrees DEC. Further north it oscillates, Futher south are trees.  I am hoping that I have some gain or agressiveness setting not optimal.  Redoing polar alignment has very little effect.

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