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Asymmetric eclipses indicating high eccentricity

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Asymmetric eclipses indicating high eccentricity


I'm currently writing a paper about recently found highly eccentric bright EA+DSCT variable TYC 2722-1304-1. I would like to additionally calculate eccentricity and ω of this system using shape, position and duration of asymmetric eclipses. I don't have access to make radial velocity measurements, unfortunately. Can anyone link a software to designate such parameters? I have found only one written in Python, but I don't have any knowledge about this language. Is there something easier to do?


Gabriel Murawski

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See, for example:

See, for example:

which just used BinaryMaker3 to make a model that fit the eclipse width and timing.  

Was the python code you found "Phoebe" ?  That is more sophisticated than BM3:  in particular, it can do differential corrections, to optimize the parameters.  With BM3, you must do this manually.  But Phoebe is free, whilst BM3 costs US$100.

Phoebe 2 (in testing) might handle the DSCT variability.  BM3 cannot -- you'd have to model the LC without the DSCT variability.  I've used BM3, but not Phoebe.

Gary Billings

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