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BY Aur is a previously unknown CV!

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BY Aur is a previously unknown CV!

According to ATEL #4428 there are two interesting new CVs that brighten into the 14th magnitude range for us CV junkies to start following.

The first is MASTER OT J045804.40+212306.8, discovered on September 26, 2012 at 14.9 (unfiltered CCD) in Taurus by the MASTER-Kislovodsk auto-detection system.

Coordinates are 04 58 04.40 +21 23 06.8

The second is BY Aur, previously listed as a Mira variable. It turns out BY Aur is actually a dwarf nova that has outbursts at least once a year to 14.4 (unfiltered CCD) or brighter.

I have created sequences for each of these CVs and uploaded them to VSP. You can plot charts and submit data for BY Aur using its GCVS name. We have updated the coordinates and other information for this star in VSX to reflect this new information. 

MASTER OT J045804.40+212306.8 will be submitted to VSX in a day or so. You can plot charts and submit data by that name once it has been assigned an AUID. Until then you can plot charts using the coordinates and hold on to your observations until the new record has been approved.


Mike Simonsen

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MASTER OT J045804.40+212306.8

Hi Mike,

MASTER OT J045804.40+212306.8 is still not in the VSX.





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