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BF Cygni

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Matthew Templeton
BF Cygni

Hello everyone,

I received an email request from Dr. George Wallerstein from the University of Washington.  He noted that BF Cygni seems to have brightened considerably over the past few weeks, and he is currently obtaining spectroscopy.  He is interested in correlating the spectral evolution with the optical light curve, and has asked for more coverage by the AAVSO community.  Both visual and CCD (filtered, preferably V) observations are useful, particularly by observers who have already been observing BF Cyg recently (so that we can establish your visual zero-point).  If BF Cygni is one of your usual targets, but you haven't observed it recently, please keep it in your observing program if at all possible during the current episode.

Clear skies,


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AAVSO Special Notice #400 on BF Cyg

We just issued AAVSO Special Notice #400 on the current activity of BF Cyg and a request for observations.

Many thanks and good observing,

Elizabeth Waagen, AAVSO HQ

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