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bias re SS Cyg

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bias re SS Cyg


Caught SS Cyg at obvious max last night, and am rather worried that people are still reporting it at 11th mag!

Matthew Templeton
Correct date

Hi Michael,

Is there any chance the JD of your observation is off by -1 day?


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SS Cyg

Hi Mike,

I don't see any 11th magnitude observations in the AID for this outburst that have been reported today (UT), unless I'm looking at things wrong. Are you sure that you entered your observation with the correct JD, as 11th mag was correct as of a day ago.


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ss cyg obs

There seems to be a problem with the actual MNF itself, since Gary Poyner apparently reported an 'outburst' in the comments column for SS Cyg but his estimate as given as 11.7, and surely he would  never called an obs of SS Cyg an outburst if it were 11.7m!

I have enclosed a screenshot, which shows my estimate was apparently made on the 5th! The file I uploaded is automatically given a name which includes the date, and the file submitted was 'POX06-Aug-13.txt'. The JD of the obs was 2456510.3806 which I have checked. It is indeed Aug 6th.

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  Putting the record


Putting the record straight.


When the dust settles, all Michael has to do is get on line; go to Web Obs; source the current SS Cyg estimates and edit his entry; changing “Aug 05” to “Aug 06”.


Futile to speculate how these anomalies happen....they just do – sometimes.


The matter of when an observer declares an “outburst” is beside the point here, and purely one of judgement and experience

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