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Binocular Sequence and Charts Now Available for Nova Del 2013

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Due to the very bright eruption of Nova Del 2013, we have created a binocular sequence specifically for this nova that can be plotted using the Binocular Chart option on the chart plotter (VSP). 

For best results specify a field of view of 900 arc minutes (15 degrees) and a limiting magnitude of 7 and click on the Binocular Chart option. This will produce an uncluttered chart with a sequence from 6.9 - 3.5V for use with binoculars. Or you may simply download the chart attached to this page.

Nova Del 2013 Bino chart mag 7.png52.07 KB
Nova Del 2013
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I notice that there are no usable comps for CCD in smaller fovs (say 22 x 22 arc min).  I assume we will want to follow this star when it fades into our range?

Jim Roe [ROE]

fainter comps
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Hi Jim,

There will be fainter comps available as the nova fades.


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