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Bright outburst of CY CrB

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Bright outburst of CY CrB

CY Coronae Borealis (UG)

Bright outburst confirmed (brightest mag. ever recorded):
CRBCY 20180819.869 122 Scp

Time-resolved and multiband photometry are strongly recommended.

Gary Poyner wrote (vsnet-alert 22425):

Bright outburst of the UG star CY CrB...
Aug 10.998 18.52CV
Aug 16.915 <18.70CV
Aug 18.922 12.18CV Outburst
OU COAST telescope.

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CY CrB sequence

Observers should be aware of some issues with the present AAVSO sequence for CY CrB:

The 12.136V comp star is saturated in Arne's photometry of this field.  The 12.624V comp may be a little saturated as well.  I noticed this when I was attempting to measure some recent images of mine and was comparing this sequence with a larger set of APASS mags for this field.  The rest of the current sequence looks good except for the 14.260V comp star.  This star is a close double and should be avoided.

The APASS V mag for the 12.136V comp star is 11.75V.  This is means that CY CrB's V mag probably peaked in the upper 11's rather than the low 12's.


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