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Bright Star Monitor comparison

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Bright Star Monitor comparison

The Bright Star Monitor systems primarily perform survey monitoring observations, but there are some overlap fields.  For example, they use the same Landolt standard fields.  On occasion, you can run across a sky location using Seqplot where results from both BSM-north and BSM-south are available.  One such star is located at

20:42:33.85 +00:16:02.3

The results:

System           V       B-V     V-Rc    Rc-Ic  V-Ic

BSM_NM      12.200  0.686  0.384  0.352  0.733

BSM_South   12.204  0.683  0.389  0.349  0.732

APASS          12.208  0.685

where I haven't converted the g'r'i' of APASS, but just used those filters that are the same.  The formal uncertainties on these measures range from 0.02 to 0.05.  So you see that it is possible with transformation to have agreement between very different systems (north/south, colored glass vs. dielectric filters, refractor vs. reflector, etc.).


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