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To bright Vmag on khi cyg

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Joined: 2012-01-05

Hi Guys.

I have some images taken with the SSO Rigel telescope and one (or two) is just to bright for the current phase.
The Rigel telescope dosnt have a standard V filter but in their web page they claim that the error is abt 1%.

I have nearly 10% error.

My measurment on the 29/11 2012 is abt Vmag 12.1.

The comp stars are ok. So is the snr.

Is there any futer transformation that has to be done to get a correct Vmag?

I dont wanna upload faulty mags so ofc i will take it out from the db if its bad.

Could one of you guys take a look on my image. To whom would i share?

thanks .

Pierre from cloudyland sweden ...:)

SSON Rigel Telescope
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Joined: 2010-07-26

Pierre,  I have only used the Rigel telescope a few times (over two years ago) and was not satisfied with its image quality.  I use the SSO 24" frequently and have had excellent results using 10 and 30 second  exposures in Johnson V.  With 10 second exposures, I can get to about magnitude 9 or slightly brighter before saturation and 30 second exposures come close to saturation at magnitude 10.5 or so.  I get decent SNR and error bars on images down to magnitude 14 to 15 or so in Johnson V.  I hope that this helps.  Kevin Paxson - PKV

What is the filter bandpass?
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Matthew Templeton
Joined: 2010-03-12

Hello Pierre,

Do you have any information about the filter they have in the camera?  I find conflicting information on their website as to whether it's RGB or BVR.  I assume this isn't an RGB color camera (separate pixels for the RGB channels)?

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