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BSM Berry Transformation Coefficients

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BSM Berry Transformation Coefficients

Attached are the BSM_Berry Transformation Coefficients generated in October 2018. Thay are attached as a .ini file that can be opened with a text editor. This .ini file, after deleting the _.txt extension, can be loaded directly into Transform Applier.

The coeffs, which follow, have been added to the VPhot telescope setup.


Tbv= 0.973
Tb_bv= 0.009
Tv_bv= 0.027
Tvr= 1.025
Tv_vr= 0.053
Tr_vr= 0.038
Tri= 1.035
Tr_ri= 0.042
Ti_ri= -0.005
Tvi= 1.031
Tv_vi= 0.028
Ti_vi= -0.003
Tr_vi= 0.019

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