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BSM_HQ is gone; long live BSM_NH!

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BSM_HQ is gone; long live BSM_NH!

On Saturday, a work party consisting of Gary Walker, Helmar Adler, George Silvis, Ken Menzies, Bill Toomey and myself dismantled BSM_HQ and removed it from the roof of headquarters.  Sometime later this fall, after some refurbishment, the system will resume operation from my home in New Hampshire.  The sky availability will be less, but the skies will definitely be darker!  Many thanks to the volunteers that made this happen.


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BSM_HQ did a GREAT job considering where it was located.  I was constantly amazed at the data I received from it!  Thanks to everybody who helped disassembled it and got it all safely off of the HQ roof!

Hopefully BSM_NH will be a great place for it's rebirth.  I'll be waiting for images from it!

Let's not forget what a benefit AAVSOnet telescopes have been to many AAVSO members.  Hopefully it will remain so for many years to come with the support of the AAVSO membership.

Kind regards,

Frank Schorr (SFRA)

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Sad to see it go

I'm sad to see BSM_HQ go because it was a nice example of what could be done in a semi-urban environment.   Many amatuers have to work with the locations and environments that they already have and this little scope showed that it was possible to be productive in those conditions.

That being said, I understand that if a better site is available it makes sense to take advantage of it.

....Tim (HTY)

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