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Bug or oversight in VSP

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Bug or oversight in VSP

I'd like to report a rather major bug or oversight in VSP.

Today I created a new chart which included VBRI comps. The chart id provided was X21004AKT. 

However when I bring that chart back up, the bands other than BV are not shown and I can find no way to make them show. This is not the first time I noticed this.

Perhaps someone else can try this chart id and create a new one with additional filters and see if you can get the non-BV magnitudes to display.

--- Dave LDJ

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Defect recreated

Hi Dave,

First I took your chard id and pulled down the photometry table.  You are right, it did not have any other band info than the V and B-V.  Then I created my own chart of KIC 8462852, grabbed the chart id off of that and queried for the chart based on that id.  The photometry table only had the V and B-V info, not the U,B,R, and I info that the original table had.

-- Neil SNE

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VSP bug

Hi Dave & Neil,

Thank you for your post. The problem you describe is indeed a bug (or oversight) as putting in the chart ID should replicate the original table or chart exactly. 

I have added this to the list of things that need to be fixed in VSP. Once we can identify a Django programmer who we can assign to work on this project, it will be on their "To Do" list.

Many thanks,

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Thanks Sara, for put it on

Thanks Sara, for put it on the to-be-fixed list. 

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