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David Benn
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memory overflow

Hi Brad

Thanks for your bug report. The short answer is that this is a known problem that has been addressed in some ways but I completely agree, it is not yet a solved problem and needs more attention.

There is an old ticket for this but I've just created a new one:

There is at least one simple way to improve the scenario you are faced with: increase the amount of memory available to the Java Virtual Machine when VStar is running, or "heap" size. This is mentioned in the ticket above. I can say more here or contact you via email about this.


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VStar Memory Overflow

I think VStar has some memory leaks. After sequentially loading analyzing and closing a number of data files, annecdotally it seems to be more than 20 or so,  some with a few thousand observations, others with a few hundred,  VStar seems to run out of memory as though it wasn't fully emptying its memory space when each data file is closed. 

A screenshot of the error message when this occurred when starting a DCDFT on the next file

File upload: 
David Benn
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Thanks for the screenshot Brad.

I'm capturing details here:

By the way, did you delete the original message that I replied to above?


David Benn
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An odd counterpoint

Hi Brad

Today I've been working on and running a script that loads a few hundred datasets of at least 1000 observations per dataset, does period analysis, creates and saves a phase plot and saves this and light curve PNGs.

I'll have to compare notes with you in email on what you're loading compared to this etc.


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VStar on Mac


I purchased aa new Mac laptop and get his message when trying to run VStar:

"VStar" can't be opened because Apple cannot check ot for malicious software.

The software needs to be updated. Contact the developer for more information.

I am using the latest (2.21.2) VStar download

Anyone have any ideas?




David Benn
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VStar on Mac

Hi George

Apologies for the delay.

I'm running macOS Catalina. Hw about you?

Are you using WebStart or the dmg downloaded from here:

I'm guessing the latter. If so, in Apple Preferences -> Security & Privacy -> General, does "Allow apps downloaded from:" have "App Store" or "App Store and identified developers" selected?

What version of Java? I don't think that's the issue here, but just for comparison.



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