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campaign in two filters V and I

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campaign in two filters V and I

Dear all,

I would like to do photometry of a variable star in two filter, V and I.

I guess that I use the I value in the photometric table of the star in VSP instead of V value to do the analysis with my software.

Is it the only thing to do to report in webobs or is there other process to do ?

Many thanks for your answers.


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Processes for V and I

Hello Jean-françois

What you suggest will give a perfectly good submittal to WebObs.  If you want to go further, depending upon the precision and accuracy you want to achieve, you can remove the atmospheric extinction, and you can transform your data to the standard system.


Dear Gary, I thank you. I

Dear Gary,

I thank you. I understand that the process is the same in V than in I. We need only to take I mag instead of V mag for reference stars...

Clear skies


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