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Cannot upload any file to AAVSO website

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Cannot upload any file to AAVSO website

Hello dear partners,

I have just created an AAVSO (extended) report from VPHOT and, not sure why, I am unable to upload it through Webobs now, obtaining the following error message instead:

  • The file AAVSOReport_TCP-J18395972-1025415_V_20191103 (1).txt could not be saved. An unknown error has occurred.
  • The file did not upload properly.
  • There was an error opening the file

My first guess was, maybe the path was too long, so I tried luck by shortening the path where the file was placed. No luck. I also shortened the file name to "a.txt", same result. Then I inspected the report itself, I noticed that the target name is long in this case and also contains a special sign "-" (it´s a report for transient supernovae event TCP J18395972-1025415). I tried to exchange such target name for its (equivalent in database&literature) "V659 Sct". But it didn´t produce a different result. 

It was only then when I was writing this message that I tried to attach/uppload the AAVSO report to this thread and to my surprise I discovered that I couldn´t also upload the file! I tried with any other file on disk and the same happened. I was trying it with Google Chrome browser from my Windows 10 Pro desktop PC at home. Then I tried to reproduce the same with another web browser (Internet Explorer) and the same happened. 

So, apparently, the pattern is something like, at the moment there seems to be likely an issue related to uploading files to the website? 

If I can do anything to help on this, please just mention it.

Thanks in advance for your help and time, and best regards!


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Confirm Attach-Upload Problem


I can confirm this problem. I could not attach a file to a forum post. I suspect someone will fix this soon, although it is the weekend. Often happens at the most inopportune time!  ;-)


I also could not upload file

I also could not upload file to WebObs

Don (CDK)

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test upload

testing upload

File upload: 
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I wonder if this is related

I wonder if this is related to the ongoing failure in LCG1 over this weekend. It cannot create a light curve for any star, I keep getting this database-like error: 

Error: /VMerror in --showpage-- VM status: 1 5287705 6634368 Current allocation mode is local Last OS error: 28 Current file position is 68169

Sorry, we were unable to make a plot for SS CYG (000-BCP-220) for the interval (2019/10/15/7/10/01 - 2019/11/4/7/10/01) and settings you selected.


WebObs working fine 4Nov 1355Z

I just uploaded a .csv file to WebObs without problems.

Eric Dose
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WebObs upload ok Nov 4 1535 UTC

I just uploaded an Extended format file to WebObs: the data appear fine. Windows 7, Firefox.

Issues Resolved

Hello All,

The issue should be resolved for now. If you have any further issues please let us know.


Bert Pablo

Staff Astronomer, AAVSO

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Thanks! Working now.


Thanks a lot to everyone for their quick feedback, testing and to the support team for providing a fix!

Yes, I can also upload once again :-)

Best regards,


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