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Can't search my own observations

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Can't search my own observations

Any idea why I'm getting this error when I try to search through my obs? I think I have a duplicate obs posted and need to delete it. I tried logging out and logging back in, but no joy.


You don't have permission to access /apps/webobs/search on this server.

Apache/2.2.22 (Fedora) Server at Port 80



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Are you still having

Are you still having problems? I was doing some maintenance on the server on Friday that would have given you that error, but everything should be working fine now. 

(FYI I'm on vacation until after New Year's, so I may be a bit slow to respond)

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Searching Obs

It s working fine now.  Thanks

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I can't get into  Zapper with

I can't get into  Zapper with my username and password.

Marlin Costello

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Zapper login issue

Hi Marlin,

If the message you are getting is "Invalid username or password", I can say that some people experienced similar problems when signing in to SunEntry for the first time after the newly revised version was released. I think it may have been caused by glitch in their user account and was solved by re-setting their passwords again. 

However, if you had a different error message or creating another new password doesn't help, please contact me off-list and we will sort it out.

Sara (sara @

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creating a new solar news topic.

Hi: I seem to be having problems making a new Solar topic subject. I am putting this here because others have ask for help for other subjects. Anyone?????


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