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Can't Select Multiple FITS files in vPhot

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Can't Select Multiple FITS files in vPhot

Hi everyone,

Hoping for some help as my most recent session at BSM-Barry (last year... just found out how to get the images... They didn't automatically upload to my vPhot.)

I can't select multiple files to upload at a time. I'm limited to one file per upload regardless of browser or OS. 

This would be a very time consuming process if I had to upload 754 files one by one.

Any suggestions on how I could get all of these into my account and not one by one?



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VPhot Forum


Rather than give you a quick answer, it seems reasonable to point you to the VPhot Forum where you will find the answer quite easily. Take a look there and if you still need help, post your question in that forum again.


PS: Do you also have issues getting your BSM_Berry images posted to your VPhot Account? Should be automatic if that was requested in your proposal?

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Hi Ken,

Hi Ken,

I am also having issues getting my BSM_Berry images into my account. I didn't include it in my initial proposal, but it was asked if I wanted it done after the fact. I said yes, and they never showed up. I had to have someone send me a link to the FTP server directly, download them from there and then re-upload them from there.

I think I found my answer on selecting multiple images in a post back from 2017 and making sure that Flash and ActiveX are installed and up to date.

Thanks for your help!

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