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Can't upload from file

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Can't upload from file

I keep getting an uploading error and it is not covered in the manual and I have tried multiple file types, and plugins but still keep getting a "Not found in the observation period" error message when just trying to upload a CSV file, text file, fits file... 

I do not know what is going on, am I trying to upload the wrong file type or what is going on?

I would be glad to do a skype session if anyone has some ideas or would be willing to do so, that way you can see what I am looking at.

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Upload from file

Hello Melanie,

Sorry to hear that you are having trouble with file uploads in VStar.

As described on page 9 of the VStar User Manual  (which you can download from here:, there are only two acceptable formats for file uploads:

AAVSO download format - which is what you get when you download data using our Data Download tool: and is also described here:

Simple format - Which is just Julian Date,Magnitude

Either can be comma or tab delimited, but they must be plain text (ASCII) files (i.e. no Word docs or .fits files).

There is one other way to upload data for plotting into VStar and that is through use of a plugin such as the one that reads data in the AAVSO Upload File Format which is described here: This is exactly the same format that you would use to upload a file of data using WebObs. Using a VStar plugin requires the extra step of installing the plugin which is described here:

If you are still having trouble, please feel free to contact me offline (sara [at] or give me a ring at AAVSO HQ today.

Best wishes,


Thank you

Hi Sara,

Thank you so much, I had seen CSV files uploaded successfully into VStar and so I tried to do the same.  But I tested out your suggestions and they worked but it only let me import the url, I could not download the data that it displayed in another tab, is that the way it works?

Thanks again!

CSV now does not upload from the ASAS-SN files

Hey does anyone know how to upload the CSV ASAS-SN data files?

I uploaded them weeks ago and it worked and I have since tried tonight and gotten a "no observations in that period" error.  It is the same file, the plugin has been updated and it is a CSV file downloaded from the ASAS-SN database....

Help and thanks!

David Benn
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Hi Melanie

Hi Melanie

I suspect it would be better to ask that question in this topic:

This plugin has been through some changes, as you mention.


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