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Can't use the Forum interface with Win7

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Joined: 2010-07-26

I am not able to use the "Body" section of the Forum page generator with my two Win7 boxes.  I am using an iPad to generate this message.  The Body section works fine with all of my Apple devices and WinXP boxes.  

Is this a common problem?  Is there a setting that I need to change on the page to allow it to interface with the Win7 OS?  

Clueless in Indiana,

Donn Starkey

Win 7 problem
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Joined: 2010-08-17

Hello Donn

I have the same problem with my Win 7/32 hp elitebook.  I just tried it it and the text section is greyed out and will not accept type.  I am writing this on my Mac Air.  No problem with XP.  Look forward to hearing the solution.



IE 10 problem
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Roger Pieri
Joined: 2010-08-02

Hi Donn, Gary,

It's not an OS problem, it's IE 10. I use the Opera browser under W7 x64 without any problem (this message). If I switch to IE 10 I have the problem too. Not seen any problem with Chrome and Android. It's known there are functions created by Google and others that are not supported/recognized by MS. 

You could solve the problem using Opera or Chrome... Opera is very nice and fast.

Clear Skies !

Roger (PROC) 

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