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Special Notice #32: Possible Nova in Centaurus [V1065 Cen]

January 24, 2007

William Liller, Vina del Mar, Chile, reports his discovery of a possible nova; confirmation and spectra are needed. According to Bill, "its approximate magnitude is 8.2. It appears on two photos taken near Jan 23.354 UT with Kodak TP film, an orange filter and an 85mm lens. Nothing brighter than magnitude 11.5 was seen at this position on Jan 15.36. Nothing seen at this position on the Real Sky Digitized Southern Sky Survey."

Coordinates (from Liller): R.A. = 11h 43.2m Dec. = -58d 03' (2000)

Special Notice #31: Corrected text of AAVSO Special Notice #29 - Observations requested of 2001+32 V550 Cyg

January 19, 2007

In AAVSO Special Notice #29, the wrong satellite was named as the source of observations being analyzed by Dr. Jeno Sokoloski. A correction published in Special Notice #30 was ambiguous. To clarify matters, below is the corrected full text of the AAVSO Special Notice #29. Please disregard Special Notice #30. We apologize for the error and confusion! -- Elizabeth Waagen

Special Notice #30: Correction to AAVSO Special Notice #29

January 18, 2007

In AAVSO Special Notice #29, I said that Dr. Jeno Sokoloski was requesting our observing assistance on V550 Cyg in order to correlate her observations taken by ROSAT in the last few days. Since ROSAT ceased operating in 1999, I clearly mis-spoke! However, Dr. Sokoloski is using archival ROSAT data in her research on this star in addition to her recently-obtained observations. My apologies to Dr. Sokoloski for the error.

Elizabeth O. Waagen

Special Notice #28: Object in Special Notice #27 False Alarm

January 11, 2007

We have been informed by Daniel Green, Central Bureau for Astronomical Telegrams, that the Sakurai object announced in AAVSO Special Notice #27 as a possible nova or new variable in Sco/Oph has been determined to be a false alarm.

Sincere thanks to those who investigated the field surrounding the coordinates R.A. = 17:41:17 Dec. = -24:45:33 (2000.0).

This special notice was compiled by: Elizabeth O. Waagen


Special Notice #26: Possible Minor Outburst of 0324+43 GK Persei

December 15, 2006

Coordinates: 03:31:11.82 +43:54:16.8 (2000.0)

Recent observations of the old nova intermediate polar magnetic catclysmic variable GK Per (Nova Per 1901) show the star brighter than minimum. However, it is too early to tell if an outburst is underway.

Special Notice #25: Variable Star in Leo - 1016+24 VAR LEO 06

November 20, 2006

Daniel W. E. Green, Central Bureau for Astronomical Telegrams, reports (Central Bureau Electronic Telegram 746) that "E. J. Christensen, Lunar and Planetary Laboratory, University of Arizona, reports his discovery of an apparent high-amplitude variable star on unfiltered CCD images obtained in the course of the Catalina Sky Survey, the position of the variable given as

R.A. = 10h 21m 46.42s, Decl. = +23o 49' 26.2" (equinox 2000.0)

Special Notice #24: Outburst of EG Aqr

November 8, 2006

Rod Stubbings has detected a bright outburst of the dwarf nova EG Aqr. This has been confirmed by Hiroyuki Maehara of the VSOLJ, at magnitude V=13.08. This object has not been in outburst in recent history (last outburst I see is 1951?), so monitoring and V-band time series are encouraged. Good charts and photometric sequence information is on the AAVSO website.

prepared by A. Henden


Special Notice #23: 0802-27 Supernova 2006mq in ESO 494-G26 (Puppis)

November 6, 2006

Daniel W. E. Green, Central Bureau for Astronomical Telegrams, reports (Central Bureau Electronic Telegram 721) that N. Lee and W. Li report the Lick Observatory Supernova Search (LOSS) discovery of an apparent supernova on unfiltered KAIT images taken on Oct. 22.56 UT (CCD magnitude 12.7) and Nov. 5.50 UT (magnitude 13.2).

SN 2006mq is located 16.6" east and 124.3" south of the center of ESO 494-G26, at:

R.A. = 08h 06m 12.39s, Decl. = -27o 33' 45.4" (2000.0)


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