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AAVSO Special Notice

Special Notice #19: Confirmation Needed of Possible VY Aqr Outburst

October 7, 2006: Akira Imada reports in a post to the VS-Net Alert Discussion Group that H. Maehara has observed VY Aqr in outburst (V=12.46 on Oct. 07.56330). AAVSO observers are asked to observe this field both visually and with a CCD and report their observations as soon as possible. The latest reported AAVSO observation is <13.8 visual on Oct. 04.8201 by Eddy Muyllaert (MUY).

Special Notice #18: Rare Outburst of 0829+53 SW UMa

September 14, 2006: The SU UMa-type cataclysmic variable SW UMa is in superoutburst, according to observations reported by Patrick Schmeer, Bischmisheim, Germany, and a confirming observation reported by Stanislaw Swierczynski, Dobczyce, Poland.

Coordinates: R.A. 08:36:42.74 Decl. +53:28:38.1 (2000)

Recent observations (visual) reported to the AAVSO include:

AUG 21.8757, <13.5, D. Naillon, Lithons, France;

SEP 12.1400, <13.0, P. Schmeer, Bischmisheim, Germany;

13.1490, 10.8, Schmeer;

Special Notice #17: Supernova 2006ej in NGC 191A (Cetus)

August 24, 2006: Daniel W. E. Green, Central Bureau for Astronomical Telegrams, reports (Central Bureau Electronic Telegram 603) that R. Mostardi, H. Khandrika, and W. Li report the LOSS discovery of an apparent supernova on unfiltered KAIT images taken on Aug. 23.39 UT (at mag 16.4) and 24.38 UT (mag 14.7). A KAIT image taken on Aug. 14.40 UT showed nothing at this position down to limiting mag 19.3.

SN 2006ej, which is offset 6.2" west and 4.6" south of the nucleus of NGC 191A, is located at: R.A. 00:38:59.77 Decl. -09:00:56.6 (2000)

Special Notice #16: Possible AG Dra Brightening

July 19, 2006

Editor's Note: In the original e-mail, CBET 577 was incorrectly identified as IAUC 577.

U. Munari (Istituto Nazionale di Astrofisica, Astronomical Observatory, Padova) has asked AAVSO observers to monitor AG Dra until the end of its current outburst period.

Special Notice #15: V1316 Cyg Monitoring Campaign

July 14, 2006: Gary Poyner, Jeremy Shears and David Boyd (all BAA-VSS) have requested help in monitoring the dwarf novae V1316 Cyg for outbursts in the current observing season.

Typically, V1316 Cyg experiences many brief outbursts that can last from less than a day to 3 days with an amplitude of less than 2 magnitudes. Poyner et al. have recently authored a paper describing this behaviour for the Journal of the BAA. It is available online in preprint form at this URL:

Special Notice #14: BZ UMa Outburst

June 22, 2006: Based on the following observations, BZ UMa appears to be in outburst:

JUN 22.1986 V 11.36 +/- 0.02 GKA

JUN 22.8854 Unf. 11.5 (rough) VMT

Thanks to Keith Graham (GKA) for discovering the outburst, Tonny Vanmunster (VMT) for confirming it and Eddy Muyllaert (MUY) for bringing it to our attention.

Special Notice #13: Supernova 2006dd in NGC 1316 (Fornax)

June 20, 2006: Daniel W. E. Green, Central Bureau for Astronomical Telegrams, reports (Central Bureau Electronic Telegram 553) the discovery by Libert A. G. (Berto) Monard, Pretoria, South Africa, of a bright apparent supernova in NGC 1316 (= Fornax A) at unfiltered CCD magnitude 15.0-15.1 on an image taken June 19.167 UT, and confirmed by Monard on June 20.155 at magnitude 14.5-14.6, using the 0.30-m Schmidt-Cassegrain reflector at the Bronberg Observatory near Pretoria, South Africa.

Special Notice #12: 0218-21 Supernova 2006ce (Cetus)

May 11, 2006: Daniel W. E. Green, Central Bureau for Astronomical Telegrams, reports (IAU Circular 8709) the discovery by L. A. G. Monard, Pretoria, South Africa, of a bright apparent supernova in NGC 908 (Cetus) at unfiltered CCD magnitude 12.4 on images taken May 10.14 UT using a 0.30-m reflector. Monard reported nothing was visible at the location of SN 2006ce on the Digitized Sky Survey (limiting mag 20.5 R) or on his images taken prior to April 1 (limiting mag ~18).

Special Notice #11: Possible New Object in Ophiuchi [V2576 Oph]

April 7, 2006: P. Williams (Heathcote, NSW, Australia) reports through AVSON on the discovery of a new object in Ophiuchi. It has been visually confirmed by Maciej Reszelski (Szamotuly, Poland). Photographic confirmation by B. Liller (Vina Del Mar, Chile) on panchromatic film with an orange filter has been reported through CV-Net.

Current reported observations:

April 06.311 >12 B. Liller (LIW) Photographic w/Orange Filter

April 06.565 10.5 P. Williams (WPX) Visual

April 06.590 10.4 P. Williams (WPX) Visual

Special Notice #10: Possible Nova in Cyg [V2362 Cyg]

April 4, 2006: D. Green, Central Bureau of Astronomical Telegrams (CBAT), reports on the discovery of a possible nova in Cygnus by Hideo Nishimura on Tech Pan films. It has been confirmed by Richard Miles (Golden Hill Observatory). The following observations have been reported:

Date            Magnitude                           Observer

March 23      <12 unfiltered photographic H. Nishimura

April 2.80667 10.5 unfiltered photographic H. Nishimura

April 4.9947  8.5 +/- 0.3 CCDV                 R. Miles (MXL)


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