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AAVSO Officers and Council Members

OFFICERS 2017-2018


Kristine Larsen
2015 - Present

Astronomy, Ph.D.

History of the AAVSO

Since its founding in 1911, amateur and professional astronomers from all over the world have contributed to the success of the AAVSO.

Observing Campaigns [new]

[Note: if you are seeking confirmation of what you believe is a recent discovery, go to this page on reporting potential discoveries.  For general inquiries, please use our Contact form and select "General Observing" as the subject.]

AAVSO Annual Report for 2015-2016 online

The AAVSO Annual Report for 2015-2016 has been published and is online. Both a high-resolution and a low-resolution version are available at

Announcing the Candidates for 2016 AAVSO Council Elections

Slate of candidates for AAVSO Council elections to be held November 2016

Richard Berry, Lyons, Oregon
Tom Calderwood, Bend, Oregon
David Gagnon, Nantucket, Massachusetts
Mike Joner, Provo, Utah
Katrien Kolenberg, Heverlee, Belgium -  *running for re-election
Linda Morgan-O’Connor, Danforth, Maine
Richard S. Post, Lexington, Massachusetts
Gregory R. Sivakoff, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada


Biographical statements from candidates

Richard Berry, Lyons, Oregon

Annual Report for 2014-2015 now online

Annual Report of the AAVSO for 2014-2015

The Annual Report of the AAVSO describes the activities of the AAVSO over the past fiscal year, and provides general information about the organization.


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