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Optical Time-Series Photometry of the Peculiar Nova CSS081007:030559+054715

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Matthew Templeton

AAVSO Headquarters, 49 Bay State Road, Cambridge, MA 02138

Robert Koff

980 Antelope Drive West, Bennett, CO 80102

Dorrit Hoffleit Historical and Scientific JAAVSO Articles


Historical and Scientific AAVSO Journal Articles by Dorrit Hoffleit

Director's Message from AAVSO Newsletter 29 (October 2003)

From the Director

Janet A. Mattei


We have had a very active and fruitful first part of the fiscal year [2002-2003]. I want to share with you some highlights.

The Clinton B. Ford Observatory

—Notes by Msgr. Ron Royer, with additional information compiled from the AAVSO Archives

The Ford Observatory and the AAVSO

Blast from the Past: The AAVSO in 1966


These pictures were taken by Walter Scott Houston at the 55th Annual Meeting of the AAVSO held at the Maria Mitchell Observatory in Nantucket, MA. Thank you to Matthew Templeton for digitizing the pictures.

Group Photographs from AAVSO Meetings

The AAVSO is a dynamic organization that has continuously evolved since its founding in 1911. Below, witness how the AAVSO photographs of attendees at the AAVSO Spring and Annual meetings have changed over the last ten decades!

Index to group photos of AAVSO meetings

Note: photo collection does not cover all meetings held

Margaret W. Mayall


A Margaret Mayall Centenary Celebration!

The AAVSO and International Cooperation

Watch this page grow as more information is added.

The AAVSOs "Old Guard"


From the beginning, the number of observations being sent to the AAVSO each year began to rise dramatically: from 4,900 in 1911; to 11,600 in 1912; 16,800 in 1914; 17,400 in 1917; 19,300 in 1921; and 26,900 in 1924.


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