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AAVSOnet Observing Runs

FY2011-2012 Observing Programs on AAVSOnet

The following programs have been executed between October 1, 2010 and August 1, 2012.

Projects listed as embargoed are done so to protect the investigator from revealing their target's name(s).


BSM Hamren

This page is under construction!

Bright Star Monitor - Hamren (BSM Hamren)







BSM Argentina

This page is under construction!

Bright Star Monitor - Argentina (BSM AR)

NSV 11154: A newly classified R CrB star

A paper by Nutsinee Kijbunchoo (LSU) and others on the star NSV 11154 has just been accepted for publication in the Publications of the Astronomical Society of the Pacific.  This paper "NSV 11154 is a New R Coronae Borealis Star" is now available on, and makes use of observations old and new. 

BSM South

Bright Star Monitor South (BSM S)

Latitude and longitude: 38d 14'41"S 145d 57' 36"E
Elevation: 138m
Site manager: Peter Nelson
Internet access: Limited
Weather statistics: About 35%
Typical good seasons: Summer-Autumn

Articles, Blogs and News About AAVSOnet

Mount John University Observatory (MJUO)


Latitude and longitude: -43:59:08, 170:27:54E (-43.98557, 170.46503)
Elevation: 3376ft (1029m)
Site manager: Frost
Internet access: high speed fiber
Weather statistics: 20% photometric, 40% useable, 40% cloudy
Typical good seasons:

Dark Ridge Observatory (DRO)



Latitude and longitude: 32:48:12N, 105:28:29W (+32.80333, -105.4747)
Elevation: 7100ft (2164m)

Site manager: Tom Smith

Internet access:  DSL

Weather statistics: 30% photometric, 40% usable, 30% cloudy

Typical good seasons: April-June and September-October


AAVSO 49 Bay State Rd. Cambridge, MA 02138 617-354-0484