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AVSO Alert Notice

Alert Notice 603: CI Aql HST observation scheduled for November 2

October 27, 2017 : Further to AAVSO Alert Notice 599, Dr. Edward Sion (Villanova University) informs us that the HST COS observation of the recurrent nova CI Aql has been scheduled for November 2, 2017.

Alert Notice 413: Nova in Eridanus (KT Eri = N Eri 2009)

December 9, 2009
Event: Nova in Eridanus (KT Eri = Nova Eri 2009)

Discovered By: K. Itagaki, Yamagata, Japan, via H. Yamaoka, Kyushu University, Japan

Discovery Date: Nov. 25.536 UT, using his 0.21-m patrol system

Discovery Magnitude: unfiltered CCD magnitude 8.1

Position: R.A = 04:47:54.21, Decl. = -10:10:43.1 (equinox 2000.0)
from Itagaki's confirming image on Nov. 25.545 UT

Spectra: KT Eri appears to be a He/N nova, according to spectroscopy from 
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