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Bright Star Monitor Epoch Photometry Database

The BSM Epoch Photometry Database has been renamed to the AAVSOnet Epoch Photometry Database

and the URL of the webpage you are looking for has changed accordingly. You will be redirected to the new location automatically in 5 seconds.



BSM - Berry's Enclosure

Here are some photos taken by Gary Walker showing the setup of BSM-Berry on the roof of AAVSO HQ. (click on each photo for a larger version)

These are his comments:

BSM - Berry

Bright Star Monitor - Berry (BSM Berry)











(The text below was adapted from an article in the AAVSO Inner Sanctums newsletter, January 2011)


Bright Star Monitor - New Mexico (BSM NM)








BSM Hamren

This page is under construction!

Bright Star Monitor - Hamren (BSM Hamren)







BSM Argentina

This page is under construction!

Bright Star Monitor - Argentina (BSM AR)

BSM South

Bright Star Monitor South (BSM S)

Latitude and longitude: 38d 14'41"S 145d 57' 36"E
Elevation: 138m
Site manager: Peter Nelson
Internet access: Limited
Weather statistics: About 35%
Typical good seasons: Summer-Autumn

Bright Star Monitor Stations

When epsilon Aurigae became an interesting target in 2008, it was pretty obvious that none of the telescopes that the AAVSO had access to was capable of obtaining photometry on such a bright object. We also realized that this was not an isolated case; there are hundreds of bright variables that are being overlooked by professionals and amateurs alike. Every current survey saturates on the bright stars. The one survey that came closest was the All-Sky Automated Survey (ASAS), which has not released any new public data since 2009.

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