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AAVSO Publication Subscriptions

All pricing information for 2017 can be found here (pdf).

For new subscribers: The following AAVSO publications are available on a yearly subscription basis.  The subscription period is from January 1 - December 31.  Payment is due by January 1.  For more information or to subscribe to any of our publications, please contact the AAVSO.

AAVSO Bulletin 75 for 2012

Predicted Dates of Maxima and Minima of 381 Long Period Variables for 2012

AAVSO Bulletin Generator

The following form will allow you to generate a customized copy of the AAVSO Bulletin suited to your needs.  You may select stars from a given constellation, range of Right Ascension and/or Declination, or simply type in a list of stars you would like returned.  You may also customize the page that's output by color-coding the months depending upon the brightness of the star, and also limit output to a single month.  Leaving all options blank will give you the complete list of stars in this issue of the Bulletin with no color added to the table.

AAVSO Bulletin 74 for 2011

Predicted Dates of Maxima and Minima of 381 Long Period Variables for 2011

AAVSO Bulletin 73 for 2010

Bulletin 73 for 2010

Predicted Dates of Maxima and Minima of Long Period Variables for 2010


AAVSO Bulletin 73 for 2010 - Stars in Need of Observations

                        STARS IN NEED OF OBSERVATIONS
    AAVSO BULLETIN 73:  Predicted Maxima and Minima of Long Period Variables for 2010

The stars listed below need additional observations. Please be aware that many of these 
stars are difficult to observe, and should be observed only by experienced observers. 
Please note that the symbol % after a star name indicates the star has fair to excellent 
CCDV or multicolor photometry but still needs visual observations. Because all of the 

AAVSO Bulletin 73 for 2010 - How to Use the Bulletin

  How to Use Bulletin 73


Bulletin 73 was NOT prepared in the same way as in the past. Please be sure to READ THE INTRODUCTION before you use the Bulletin; contact AAVSO Headquarters if you have questions.

AAVSO Bulletin coordinates

AAVSO Bulletin Stars with 2000.0 Coordinates

Note: Stars are in Bulletin order. Coordinates are ICRS from Simbad.

Designation Name       R.A. 2000.0     Dec. 2000.0
0003-39     V SCL      00 08 37.34     -39 13 05.1
0004+51     SS CAS     00 09 36.5303   +51 34 00.873
0009+28     UW AND     00 14 10.930    +29 01 20.39
0010+46     X AND      00 16 09.57     +47 00 44.8
0010-32     S SCL      00 15 22.2650   -32 02 42.987
0014+44     VX AND     00 19 54.0171   +44 42 33.898
0017+55     T CAS      00 23 14.2716   +55 47 33.206
0017+26     T AND      00 22 23.146    +26 59 45.77


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