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Alert Notice 578: Nova in Centaurus - ASASSN-17gk

May 23, 2017

Event: Nova in Centaurus - ASASSN-17gk

Discovered by: All Sky Automated Survey for SuperNovae (ASAS-SN, (K. Z. Stanek (OSU) et al., ATel #10387)

Discovery magnitude: 10.9 V

Aviso Especial de AAVSO #274: Objeto variable en Centaurus = TCP J14250600-5845360

5 de abril de 2012:  John Seach (Chatsworth Island, NSW, Australia) reporta su descubrimiento de un objeto variable en Centaurus en 2012, Abr. 4.765 TU  con magnitud 10.8 (6 imágenes (magnitud límite 11.5) obtenidas con una cámara DSLR con lente de 50-mm f/1.0).

Special Notice #272: Possible Nova in Centaurus = PNV J13410800-5815470 [V1368 Cen]

28 March 2012:  A possible nova in Centaurus was announced on the IAU CBAT Transient Objects Confirmation Page (TOCP) page with the name PNV J13410800-5815470 [V1368 Cen]. It was discovered by John Seach (Chatsworth Island, NSW, Australia) at magnitude 9.2 on 2012 March 23.386 UT using a DSLR with 50 mm f/1.0 lens. Spectra indicate that the object is a classical nova.

Nothing was seen by him down to magnitude 11.0 on his survey images taken on 2012 Mar. 16.396 UT.

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