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Cepheid variables

Title Posted Bysort icon Updated/commented date Type
RS Puppis Matthew Templeton 3 years 33 weeks ago Page
A portrait of a distant Cepheid Matthew Templeton 3 years 41 weeks ago Blog entry
The Cepheid Variable M31_V1: Hubble's First Cepheid Matthew Templeton 3 years 14 weeks ago Page
The Cosmic Distance Ladder Matthew Templeton 3 years 24 weeks ago Page
Modern observations of Hubble's first-discovered Cepheid in M31 Matthew Templeton 2 years 46 weeks ago Page
M31_V1's light curve is taking shape Matthew Templeton 3 years 50 weeks ago Blog entry
Alert Notice 422: Observing Campaign on Hubble's First Variable in M31: M31_V1 RebeccaTurner 19 weeks 5 days ago Page
Henrietta Leavitt – Celebrating the Forgotten Astronomer SXN 1 year 41 weeks ago Page
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