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CCD Photometry, Part One RebeccaTurner 2 years 25 weeks ago Page
CCD Image Calibration (CHOICE) SXN 2 years 34 weeks ago Page
Developing a Visual Variable Star Observing Program (CHOICE) Aaron Price 3 years 32 weeks ago Page
CHOICE Course Descriptions SXN 24 weeks 18 hours ago Page
Registration Open! CHOICE: How To Use VPhot SXN 1 year 5 weeks ago Page
New CHOICE Courses: Final days of registration! RebeccaTurner 2 years 24 weeks ago Page
CHOICE Courses: Open for Registration! RebeccaTurner 3 years 4 weeks ago Page
Uncertainty about Uncertainty (CHOICE) Aaron Price 3 years 31 weeks ago Page
Carolyn Hurless SXN 3 years 30 weeks ago Page
New DSLR Observing Manual Available Free From AAVSO SXN 1 year 1 week ago Page
New CHOICE courses offered for spring SXN 1 year 28 weeks ago Page
Visual Observing Basics RebeccaTurner 2 years 25 weeks ago Page
Variable Star Classification and Light Curves (CHOICE) SXN 2 years 34 weeks ago Page
CHOICE in Astronomy SXN 14 hours 20 min ago Page
2015 CHOICE Course Schedule SXN 2 days 11 hours ago Page
CHOICE Fall Schedule 2014 SXN 48 weeks 2 days ago Page
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