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New CHOICE courses offered for spring

Registration is now open for three CHOICE courses being offered this spring.

CHOICE: How To Use VPHOT (March 17 - April 11)

CHOICE: Variable Star Classification and Light Curves (April 14 - May 9)

CHOICE: How To Use VStar (May 12 - June 6)

Courses are $30 for members and $50 for non-members.
(The VPHOT course is open to members only.)

New CHOICE Courses: Final days of registration!

Our two new CHOICE courses begin today. There is still time to register just under the wire! 

"Visual Observing Basics" and "CCD Photometry, Part One" will both will run March 18 through April 12, 2013.  Visit the CHOICE homepage for more details and the registration link!

CCD Photometry, Part One

The AAVSO is rebuilding its CCD Observing Manual from the ground up, including a change of title: the Guide to CCD Photometry.  This semester we're teaching the introductory material for the guide to explain why you do photometry, as well as material on CCD calibration procedures to take your raw images and ready them for photometry.

This course will cover most of the technical material in "CCD Image Calibration".  Members who have successfully taken the Image Calibration course will be ready for Part Two of this course to be offered later this year.


Visual Observing Basics

This course will use the newly revised AAVSO Visual Observing Manual as its primary text. We will cover variable stars, basic equipment, how to make observations and submit data, plotting VSO charts, planning an observing session and many other topics. This course is highly recommended for anyone just starting out in visual VSOing.


CHOICE Courses: Open for Registration!

The next round of CHOICE courses are open for registration.

Running August 20th through September 20th, we will be presenting both "Developing a Visual Variable Star Observing Program" and "Variable Star Classification & Light Curves." Visit the CHOICE in Astronomy main page for class descriptions and more information about the Carolyn Hurless Online Institute for Continuing Education in Astronomy.  Visit the AAVSO online store to register for a course.

CCD Image Calibration (CHOICE)

This is a description of a CHOICE course.


Uncertainty about Uncertainty (CHOICE)

This is a description of a CHOICE course.


Developing a Visual Variable Star Observing Program (CHOICE)

This is a description of a CHOICE course.

This course is designed to aid the visual observer in the selection of variable stars appropriate for their equipment, experience, observing location and other criteria. The course concentrates on guiding observers toward stars for which visual data holds the most promise for continued contributions to science. Participants also learn to use VSX, the LPV Bulletin and other tools to build their observing programs.





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