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2011 Council Nominees RebeccaTurner 3 years 39 weeks ago Page
Kristine Larsen: Observer, Educator, Volunteer and Councilor SXN 26 weeks 16 hours ago Page
Announcing the 2012 AAVSO Council Nominees LaurenRosenbaum 2 years 36 weeks ago Page
In Memoriam: Martha L. Hazen weo 2 years 20 weeks ago Page
Announcing the 2013 AAVSO Council Nominees LaurenRosenbaum 1 year 44 weeks ago Page
AAVSO Officers, Council Members, and Committee Chairs (Section Leaders) weo 17 weeks 4 days ago Page
Announcing the 2014 AAVSO Council Nominees jgibson 34 weeks 1 day ago Page
AAVSO President- Mario Motta SXN 3 years 25 weeks ago Blog entry
New Councilor- Roger Kolman SXN 3 years 26 weeks ago Blog entry
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