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eclipsing binary

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Alert Notice 155: Nova Cygni 1992 [V1974 Cyg] AND Nova Sagittarii 1992 [V4157 Sgr] AND Supernova 1992G in NGC 3294 AND Predicted eclipse of the very long period eclipsing binary 2205+55 EE Cephei weo 3 days 1 hour ago Page
Alert Notice 540: Secondary eclipse of b Persei is underway weo 8 weeks 1 day ago Page
Special Notice #406: KIC 02856960 entering eclipse window Matthew Templeton 35 weeks 2 days ago Page
Alert Notice 525: Observing Campaign on KIC 02856960 Matthew Templeton 38 weeks 7 hours ago Page
Alert Notice 506: Alpha Com eclipse observing campaign weo 1 year 15 weeks ago Page
Special Notice #394: Observations of b Persei urgently requested weo 1 year 16 weeks ago Page
Alert Notice 504: Epsilon Aur monitoring during predicted pulsation phase weo 1 year 33 weeks ago Page
Alert Notice 321: Multicolor CCD campaign for AS 325 to support Spitzer observations weo 2 years 25 weeks ago Page
Alert Notice 322: Multicolor CCD campaign for AM Her to support XMM Newton observations AND BP Hyi eclipsing binary campaign weo 2 years 25 weeks ago Page
Alert Notice 398: Eclipse of epsilon Aurigae weo 2 years 26 weeks ago Page
Eclipsing Binary Ephemerides Matthew Templeton 3 years 14 weeks ago Page
Alert Notice 472: Monitoring of HD 5980 requested for multiwavelength campaign weo 3 years 28 weeks ago Page
The Trapezium, BM Orionis, and Young Stellar Objects Matthew Templeton 4 years 4 weeks ago Page
Special Notice #252: Upcoming Eclipse of Zeta Aurigae weo 4 years 24 weeks ago Page
How to Use the EB Ephemeris Matthew Templeton 4 years 45 weeks ago Page
AAVSO Eclipsing Binary Ephemeris for 2011 available weo 4 years 47 weeks ago Page
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