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CHOICE Course Descriptions

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The following is a brief description of each course currently offered in the CHOICE curriculum:


CCD Photometry Part I

2016 CHOICE Course Schedule

We are pleased to announce the return of many of your favorite CHOICE courses this year. 

The tentative schedule is listed below. Click on the course name to read its description. Dates and classes may change due to availability of instructors for the courses.

Kristine Larsen: Observer, Educator, Volunteer and Councilor

Like many people in the AAVSO, Dr. Kristine Larsen contributes to the organization in a number of important and valuable ways. She is an active solar observer and a generous donor. She has served as an instructor for our CHOICE online educational courses, and after serving on the AAVSO council from 1997-2001, she is again helping to lead the organization by serving as 1st Vice President of the council.

John Percy is awarded the American Astronomical Society's Education Prize

Dr. John R. Percy of the University of Toronto, longtime AAVSO member, former AAVSO President and Council Member, and current Editor of the Journal of the AAVSO, has been awarded the Education Prize of the American Astronomical Society for 2013.

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