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Margaret Mayall Assistantship Open for Applications for Summer 2011 Aaron Price 4 years 18 weeks ago Page
Manual for Visual Observing of Variable Stars - update BSJ 2 years 30 weeks ago Page
Longtime AAVSOer Wins Prestigious Award RebeccaTurner 5 years 6 days ago Page
Long-Term Optical and Near-Infrared Spectroscopic Monitoring of epsilon Aurigea During the 2009-11 Eclipse Aaron Price 3 years 35 weeks ago Page
Light Curve Generator Upgrades kqr 3 years 41 weeks ago Page
Last Chance! Help us plan for the 100th Annual Meeting of the AAVSO RebeccaTurner 4 years 29 weeks ago Page
Landolt Standards and 21st Century Photometry Matthew Templeton 32 weeks 4 days ago Page
La IAU le asigna a asteroides el nombre de importantes observadores de AAVSO SXN 1 year 35 weeks ago Page
Kepler planet-finding mission may be ending Anonymous 2 years 21 weeks ago Page
Join us for an online chat on Thursday Jan. 26 Aaron Price 3 years 37 weeks ago Page
Join the AAVSO for half off! SXN 3 years 26 weeks ago Page
JAAVSO volume 43, number 1 is published M.Saladyga 16 weeks 17 hours ago Page
JAAVSO Vol. 42, No. 2, 2014 printed copies available M.Saladyga 39 weeks 5 days ago Page
JAAVSO Vol. 42, No. 2, 2014 is published M.Saladyga 43 weeks 4 days ago Page
JAAVSO Vol. 42, No. 1, 2014, is published M.Saladyga 1 year 15 weeks ago Page
JAAVSO vol. 39, nr. 1, is published M.Saladyga 4 years 18 weeks ago Page
JAAVSO vol 41, no 2 is now published M.Saladyga 1 year 42 weeks ago Page
JAAVSO v39, n2, is published M.Saladyga 3 years 45 weeks ago Page
JAAVSO v38 nr2 is now online! M.Saladyga 4 years 43 weeks ago Page
JAAVSO special epsilon Aurigae issue is published! M.Saladyga 2 years 42 weeks ago Page
JAAVSO Call for Papers for Special epsilon Aurigae Issue Aaron Price 3 years 32 weeks ago Page
JAAVSO 41.1 is published M.Saladyga 2 years 17 weeks ago Page
JAAVSO 100th Anniversary Issue is Published! M.Saladyga 3 years 7 weeks ago Page
Introducing the SID Data Grabber BSJ 20 weeks 6 days ago Page
IAU Names Asteroids for Prominent AAVSO Observers SXN 1 year 33 weeks ago Page
Hubble Space Telescope Campaign Results Aaron Price 4 years 20 weeks ago Page
How to report new variable star discoveries Matthew Templeton 3 years 5 weeks ago Page
Help us test the New Chat Room RebeccaTurner 4 years 44 weeks ago Page
Help us pick the dates for the 2014 AAVSO CCD School! RebeccaTurner 1 year 49 weeks ago Page
H-R Diagram Education Materials RebeccaTurner 3 years 16 weeks ago Page
Guía de Fotometría CCD de AAVSO disponible en español Sebastian Otero 18 weeks 15 hours ago Page
Group Photo from the AAVSO's 100th Anniversary Meeting M.Saladyga 3 years 51 weeks ago Page
GET API access to Variable Star Database Aaron Price 3 years 22 weeks ago Page
Four new eJAAVSO preprints M.Saladyga 2 years 50 weeks ago Page
Final Week of Astro-April: SEVEN more online talks! RebeccaTurner 3 years 24 weeks ago Page
Fall Meeting: Presentation Files RebeccaTurner 4 years 47 weeks ago Page
Eye candy from Bright Star Monitor South Matthew Templeton 2 years 46 weeks ago Blog entry
Events from the AAVSO Spring Meeting Broadcast Online! RebeccaTurner 2 years 21 weeks ago Page
ejaavso preprint "VX Hydrae: Observation of a Sudden Change in a Pulsating Star" by M. Bonnardeau, S. Dvorak, R. Poklar, G. Samolyk M.Saladyga 4 years 42 weeks ago Page
ejaavso preprint "The Variable Star HD 173637" by A. U. Landolt M.Saladyga 4 years 42 weeks ago Page
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