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Alert Notice 693: V582 Mon monitoring requested

January 24, 2020

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Alert Notice 692: V694 Mon (MWC 560) to be observed with Chandra

Note: Additional satellite observations of V694 Mon are taking place, so please continue nightly observations until at least mid-March 2020. - Elizabeth O. Waagen, 27 February 2020

January 22, 2020

Solar Bulletin - Volume 75, Number 12

The December Solar Bulletin is now available. Please visit the Solar Bulletin web page to download your copy:


The December SID Data report is available here:


Alert Notice 691: Request for immediate photometric monitoring of the fading star ASASSN-V J060000.76-310027.83

Note: As of 2020 January 31 the eclipse is still ongoing. Please continue observations as described below until further notice.  -  Elizabeth O. Waagen

January 8, 2020

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Alert Notice 689: R Aqr monitoring needed in support of HST and Chandra observations

Note:  Continued observations in all bands (particularly B and V) and spectroscopy are extremely important. Please continue nightly observations until further notice.  -  Elizabeth O. Waagen, 31 January 2020

Note: The exact schedules for the Chandra and HST observations of R Aqr (Alert Notice 689) are as follow:

Chandra (UT)  Note that this date is EARLIER than given in Alert Notice 689.
12 Jan 2020 00:13:21.409 - 12 Jan 2020 14:06:41

JAAVSO volume 47, number 2, December 2019, print version now available


The Journal of the American Association of Variable Star Observers
Volume 47, Number 2, 2019

The printed version of this issue is now available from Amazon via the link below.

Volume 47, Number 2; 2019

JD Calendar for 2020

The 2020 Julian Day Calendar is now available for download.




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