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Special Notice #395: Alpha Com campaign cancelled

January 16, 2015: We have been informed by PI Dr. Matthew Muterspaugh that his campaign on alpha Com (AAVSO Alert Notice 506) has been cancelled. Position measurements published a century ago contained errors that affected the predictions for the time of eclipse.

More information will be coming from Dr. Muterspaugh and we will disseminate it to everyone in an Alert Notice, but he asked that the observer community be informed now so that observing efforts might not be wasted.

Solar Bulletin - Volume 70, Number 12

The December 2014 Solar Bulletin is now available. Please visit the Solar Bulletin web page to download your copy:

New eJAAVSO preprint: Revised elements of 78 southern EB systems


Revised Light Elements of 78 Southern Eclipsing Binary Systems

Margaret Streamer, Jeff Byron, David J. W. Moriarty, Tom Richards, Bill Allen, Roy Axelsen, Col Bembrick, Mark Blackford, Terry Bohlsen, David Herald, Roland Idaczyk, Stephen Kerr, Ranald McIntosh, Yenal Ogmen, Jonathan Powles, Peter Starr, George Stockham


Special Notice #394: Observations of b Persei urgently requested

January 12, 2015: Photometry by P. Benni (AAVSO observer code BPAD; Massachusetts, United States), D. Collins (CDK; North Carolina, United States), F. Campos (CFRA; Catalunya, Spain), and F. Melillo (MFR; New York, United States) suggest that b Persei may have entered eclipse around JD 2457033.6 (2015 January 11.1 UT). Time-series photometric observations of this bright star are urgently requested beginning immediately, and continuing for the next two weeks (through at least 2015 January 26 UT) and possibly beyond.

2016 CHOICE Course Schedule

We are pleased to announce the return of many of your favorite CHOICE courses this year. 

The tentative schedule is listed below. Click on the course name to read its description. Dates and classes may change due to availability of instructors for the courses.

The last fundraising letter

Dear AAVSO Supporters,
This is the last fundraising letter you will get from the AAVSO in 2014, I promise.

Solar Bulletin - Volume 70, Number 11

The November 2014 Solar Bulletin is now available. Please visit the Solar Bulletin web page to download your copy:

JAAVSO Vol. 42, No. 2, 2014 is published

Journal of the American Association of Variable Star Observers
Volume 42, Number 2, 2014


Does the Period of a Pulsating Star Depend on its Amplitude?
John R. Percy, Jeong Yeon Yook    245

CT Lacertae: Another Long-period Carbon Star with Long-Timescale Variations?
Matthew R. Templeton, Peter Maurer, Wolfgang Kriebel, Wayne M. Lowder (1932–2003),
Etienne Morelle, Steve O’Connor, Andrzej Arminski, Laurent Bichon, John E. Bortle    260


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