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Solar Bulletin - Volume 71, Number 05

The May Solar Bulletin is now available. Please visit the Solar Bulletin web page to download your copy:

The May SID Data report is available here:


Guía de Fotometría CCD de AAVSO disponible en español

Gracias al gran trabajo de un equipo de voluntarios españoles liderados por by Juan-Luis González Carballo (GCJ) y Josep Lluís Salto González (SJGA), tenemos el agrado de anunciar que la versión en español de la Guía de Fotometría CCD de la AAVSO ya está disponible para bajar:

Guía de Fotometría CCD de la AAVSO

Además de Juan-Luis y Josep Lluís, participaron en la traducción Rafael Benavides Palencia (PNQ), David Cejudo Fernández (CDZ), Antonio Celiá Miró, Fernando Limón Martínez (LFEA) y Miguel Rodríguez Marco (RMU).

The AAVSO Guide to CCD Photometry in Spanish

Thanks to a hard-working team of volunteers led by Juan-Luis González Carballo (GCJ) and Josep Lluís Salto González (SJGA), we are pleased to announce that a Spanish language version of the AAVSO Guide to CCD Photometry is now available for download:

Guía de Fotometría CCD de la AAVSO

In addition to Juan-Luis and Josep Lluís, translators included Rafael Benavides Palencia (PNQ), David Cejudo Fernández (CDZ), Antonio Celiá Miró, Fernando Limón Martínez (LFEA), and Miguel Rodríguez Marco (RMU).

New JAAVSO preprint: Synthetic and photometric mags for Sloan standard stars

Comparison Between Synthetic and Photometric Magnitudes for the Sloan Standard Stars

New JAAVSO preprint: Margaret Harwood and Maria Mitchell Observatory



Margaret Harwood and the Maria Mitchell Observatory

James W. Hanner
18 Alyssum Drive, Amherst, MA 01002

Received Jaunary 15, 2015; accepted May 21, 2015


New JAAVSO preprint: A binary model for emission line star FX Vel



A Binary Model for the Emission Line Star FX Velorum

Mel Blake
Maisey Hunter

Department of Physics and Earth Science, University of North Alabama, One Harrison Plaza, Florence, AL 35630

New JAAVSO preprint: Early-time flux measurements of SN 2014J



Early-Time Flux Measurements of SN 2014J Obtained with Small Robotic Telescopes: Extending the AAVSO Light Curve

New JAAVSO preprint: delta Sct pulsation periods in KIC 5197256



The δ Scuti Pulsation Periods in KIC 5197256

Garrison Turner
Big Sandy Community and Technical College, Prestonsburg, KY 41653

New JAAVSO preprint: UXOR hunting among Algol variables



UXOR Hunting among Algol Variables

Michael Poxon
9 Rosebery Road, Great Plumstead, Norfolk NR13 5EA, United Kingdom

Received February 18, 2015; revised March 31, 2015; accepted May 20, 2015



AAVSO 49 Bay State Rd. Cambridge, MA 02138 617-354-0484