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Special Notice #8: GRB060218

February 22, 2006: The optical afterglow and underlying supernova for GRB060218 continues to brighten and has generated a lot of interest in the scientific community. It is well positioned in the early evening sky for professional and amateur monitoring. The latest coordinates are:

R.A.: 03:21:39.71 Decl.: +16:52:02.1 J2000

Alert Notice 372: Possible naked-eye gamma ray burst detected (GRB 080319B)

March 19, 2008: The intense gamma-ray burst GRB 080319B was detected in gamma ray, x-ray, optical light, and early indications by two automated cameras suggest that the optical afterglow of the burst may have briefly reached naked-eye visibility (mag ~ 5.76, GCN 7445, Cwiok et al) within 60 seconds of the onset. It is highly unlikely the burst was caught visually, but it is possible the burst may have been detected if any observers were monitoring this area of the sky (e.g. for minor planet searching).

The coordinates of the burst are:

Optical observations of GRB 130427A

We're pleased to note that GCN Circular #14490 has been published, detailing time-series photometry of the bright GRB 130427A by Patrick Wiggins.  His observations provide a comprehensive record of the three hours of the early evolution of this incredibly bright afterglow.

Congratulations to Patrick on his observations!

AAVSO High Energy Network: GRB 030329


Thanks to the Curry Foundation and NASA for support of the AAVSO International High Energy Network. Thanks to all the observers across the world for their hard work.

AAVSO International High Energy Network: Our Successes!


Detections, near detections, and upper limits of GRB afterglow fields by AAVSO High Energy Network Members

GRB130427A photometry by P. Wiggins

GRB110918A photometry by A. Oksanen, C. Harlingten, B. Schaefer, and M. Templeton

AAVSO High Energy Astrophysics Workshops

AAVSO High Energy Astrophysics Workshops

Group Photo, 94th Spring Meeting of the AAVSO, Las Cruces, New Mexico, March 2005

The AAVSO has held three Professional-Amateur meetings in collaboration with NASA, Sonoma State University, and New Mexico State University

First High Energy Astrophysics Workshop, Spring 2000: Schedule

HEA Workshop Schedule

Sponsored by:
American Association of Variable Star Observers

NASA-Marshall Space Flight Center (MSFC)

First High Energy Astrophysics Workshop, Spring 2000: Attendee List

HEA Workshop Attendee List

Mitzi Adams NASA/MSFC
William Alexander Huntington, WV
William Aquino Wheatfield, NY


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