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GW Lib

Special Notice #403: GW Lib HST schedule set

April 16, 2015: Further to AAVSO Alert Notice 513, Dr. Paula Szkody (University of Washington) informs us that the HST observations for the cataclysmic variable GW Lib have been scheduled for

2015 April 22 04:04:36 - 09:00:06 UT.

Alert Notice 513: Request for observations of GW Lib in support of HST observations

March 18, 2015: Dr. Paula Szkody, University of Washington, has requested our help in monitoring the cataclysmic variable GW Lib for upcoming Hubble Space Telescope observations, scheduled to be made during the window 2015 April 22-25 UT. Dr. Szkody also observed this object with HST in March 2011 and March 2010 (see AAVSO Alert Notices 433 and 417, respectively).

Special Notice #199: Request for monitoring of GW Lib in support of HST Observations

March 8, 2010: Further to Alert Notice 417, the AAVSO requests intensive monitoring observations of the cataclysmic variable GW Librae beginning immediately (2010 March 9.0 UT; JD 2455264.5) and continuing through 2010 March 12.5 (2455268.0). These observations are in support of the Hubble Space Telescope Cosmic Origins Spectrograph observations of GW Lib planned for 2010 March 11 UT. Space Telescope ground controllers will need to know that GW Lib is fainter than V=15 in order to proceed with the planned observations.

Alert Notice 349: Outburst of GW Lib

April 12, 2007


Object: 1514-24 GW LIB

Coordinates: R.A. 15h 19m 55.5s Dec. -25o 00' 25" (2000.0)

Special Notice #238: HST observations scheduled for GW Lib

April 2, 2011: Further to AAVSO Alert Notice 433, Dr. Paula Szkody, University of Washington, informs us that the time of the HST observations of GW Lib has been set for Friday night, 2011 April 8/9. The ground observations to confirm that the object is not in outburst - and allow the HST observations to take place - will thus need to take place on Thursday, April 7/8.

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