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Martha Hazen Obituary from Center for Astrophysics


From the Harvard Center for Astrophysics:

Dear Colleagues,

We are sad to report that Dr. Martha Hazen died on Dec. 23 after a brief battle with acute leukemia. She was 75.

Digitization of AAVSO data published in the Harvard Annals

In the 1980s, the AAVSO began a monumental project to completely digitize the paper and punchcard records of the AAVSO.  This project, undertaken just as computers became more common and easy to use, foreshadowed the rapid advancement in networking technology that led directly to the world wide web, and to the AAVSO website.  As a result of the work the AAVSO did, we are now able to serve our archive of over 18 million observations to the entire world via our website, providing decades worth of variable star observations for thousands of different variable stars to researchers world-wide.

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