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high-precision photometry

Alert Notice 429: Photometry requested for three "Vestoid" Near-Earth Objects

January 8, 2011: Dr. Michael David Hicks (Jet Propulsion Laboratory) contacted the AAVSO requesting precision 
photometry of three solar system objects in support of NASA's DAWN mission to Vesta.  These objects, called 
"Vestoids", are near-Earth objects with similar reflectance spectra to Vesta itself, suggesting they may be fragments 
of that larger body. Broad-band photometry may help constrain object sizes and compositions.

Long-term photometric campaign on the Luminous Blue Variable P Cygni

New: Preliminary results, 2010 November 4

The 2010 report by E. Pollman and T. Bauer is available from this link.  For the 2009 report, see this link

AAVSO Special Notice #131, November 7, 2008

List of target, comparison, and check stars for PEP-V observations

The link below contains the list of the current stars in the AAVSO PEP-V program.  Observations of any of these stars made using the AAVSO standard PEP method and these comparison and check stars may be submitted to AAVSO headquarters for automated data processing.

Click here to obtain a comma-separated (.csv) list of PEP-V target, comparison, and check stars.

This file is the current revision as of June 3, 2020. Note that it has been revised from the previous version.


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