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history of astronomy

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Dorrit Hoffleit Historical and Scientific JAAVSO Articles weo 5 years 11 weeks ago Page
Dorrit Hoffleit Autobiography: Misfortunes as Blessings in Disguise weo 2 years 6 weeks ago Page
Leslie C. Peltier weo 4 years 3 weeks ago Page
ejaavso252.115 weo 5 years 11 weeks ago Page
Dorrit Hoffleit featured in The Times weo 5 years 12 weeks ago Page
Dorrit Hoffleit Centennial Publications weo 5 years 11 weeks ago Page
Digitization of AAVSO data published in the Harvard Annals Matthew Templeton 5 years 2 weeks ago Page
M31_V1's light curve is taking shape Matthew Templeton 5 years 6 days ago Blog entry
The AAVSO Research Portal Matthew Templeton 22 weeks 3 days ago Page
RS Puppis Matthew Templeton 4 years 35 weeks ago Page
Olin Eggen Observation Cards Matthew Templeton 2 years 1 week ago Page
The AAVSO Archives M.Saladyga 3 years 46 weeks ago Page
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