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JAAVSO: Information for Authors

The AAVSO invites articles from all authors for the Journal of the AAVSO. Your article is more likely to be accepted for JAAVSO if its content is written to the standards of JAAVSO and if it is properly formatted.

Please read the following sections:

JAAVSO Editorial Policies - basic criteria for publication and a statement regarding ethics

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Volume 42 Number 2 2014

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245 Does the Period of a Pulsating Star Depend on its Amplitude?
John R. Percy, Jeong Yeon Yook
  abstract pdf    
260 CT Lacertae: Another Long-period Carbon Star with Long-Timescale Variations?
Matthew R. Templeton, Peter Maurer, Wolfgang Kriebel, Wayne M. Lowder (1932–2003), Etienne Morelle, Steve O’Connor, Andrzej Arminski, Laurent Bichon, John E. Bortle
  abstract pdf  
267 Amplitude Variations in Pulsating Yellow Supergiants
John R. Percy, Rufina Y. H. Kim
  abstract pdf  
280 Long-term Secular Changes in the Period of Mira Stars
Thomas Karlsson
  abstract pdf
287 EQ Eridani, a Multiperiodic delta Scuti Star
Roy Andrew Axelsen
  abstract pdf
292 Current Light Elements of the delta Scuti Star V393 Carinae
Roy Andrew Axelsen
  abstract pdf
298 AL Pictoris and FR Piscium: Two Regular Blazhko RR Lyrae Stars
Pierre de Ponthière, Franz-Josef Hambsch, Kenneth Menzies, Richard Sabo
  abstract pdf
315 Report on the Photometric Observations of the Variable Stars DH Pegasi, DY Pegasi, and RZ Cephei
Ibrahim Abu-Sharkh, Shuxing Fang,Sahil Mehta, Dang Pham
  abstract pdf
324 Observations of Novae From ROAD
Franz-Josef Hambsch
  abstract pdf
333 BVRI Photometry of SN 2013ej in M74
Michael W. Richmond
  abstract pdf
350 23 New Variable Stars
Maurice Clark
  abstract pdf
364 Twenty-Two New Variable Stars in the Northern Sky and Light Elements Improvement for PT Lyr, [WM2007] 1157, and [WM2007] 1160
Riccardo Furgoni
  abstract pdf
389 Multi-band Differential Photometry of the Eclipsing Variable Star NSVS 5750160
Robert C. Berrington, Erin M. Tuhey
  abstract pdf
406 First Photometric Study of the Short Period Solar Type Binary V1073 Herculis and the Possible Detection of a Dwarf Companion
Ronald G. Samec, James Kring, Justin Benkendorf, James Dignan, Walter Van Hamme, Danny R. Faulkner
  abstract pdf
426 Recent Minima of 161 Eclipsing Binary Stars
Gerard Samolyk
  abstract pdf
434 The Challenge of Observing the zeta Aurigae Binary Stars
Frank J. Melillo
  abstract pdf
443 Sloan Magnitudes for the Brightest Stars
Anthony Mallama
  abstract pdf
451 Methods for O–C (Observed Minus Computed) Diagrams and for the Determination of Light Elements of Variable Stars with Linear and Second Order Polynomial Ephemerides
Roy Andrew Axelsen
  abstract pdf
461 Analysis of Great World Wide Star Count Data: 2007–2013
Jennifer J. Birriel, Jessica N. Farrell, Dennis Ward
  abstract pdf
472 Abstracts of Papers Presented at the Joint Meeting of the Society for Astronomical Sciences and the American Association of Variable Star Observers (AAVSO 103rd Spring Meeting), Held in Ontario, California, June 12–14, 2014
  abstract pdf
487 Errata
  abstract pdf

Articles Accepted for Publication in JAAVSO

Research articles

Review Papers

Variable Star Research

JAAVSO: Types of Articles

Research articles

Review papers (up to 10,000 words)

Articles containing reviews and summaries of astronomical information as well as new research (by invitation only).

Variable Star Research (up to 6,000 words)

Articles on any topic of variable star astronomy, broadly including non-stellar variables such as AGN, gamma-ray bursts, and variable nebulae.  Examples include: new observations, analyses of existing data, theoretical and/or computational variable star modeling.


The Journal of the American Association of Variable Star Observers (ISSN 0271-9053 (print); ISSN 2380-3606 (online)) is the peer-reviewed research publication of the AAVSO dedicated to variable star astronomy and related scholarly topics across a range of disciplines. Launched in 1972 and published twice a year, JAAVSO contains scholarly research articles submitted by members of the AAVSO community on a wide range of topics relevant to the AAVSO and variable star astronomy.

JAAVSO: Editorial Policy

The Journal of the AAVSO is an instrument of the AAVSO, whose mission is "to enable anyone, anywhere, to participate in scientific discovery through variable star astronomy". The purpose of the JAAVSO is to promote the AAVSO's overall mission by serving as the preeminent publication venue not only for AAVSO Members, but for the entire community of variable star scientists and researchers.

Publication criteria

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JAAVSO: Yours to Discover -- and Create

From John Percy, Editor, JAAVSO:

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Special epsilon Aurigae issue of JAAVSO Volume 40, Number 2

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The AAVSO's 100th Anniversary Meetings in the Pages of the AAVSO Journal

The special 100th anniversary issue of The Journal of the American Association of Variable Star Observers (JAAVSO, Vol. 40, No. 1, Parts A and B) celebrates the AAVSO's centennial by featuring papers presented at the 2011 Spring and Annual meetings of the AAVSO, as well as a section of thirteen invited review papers covering the latest developments in variable star astronomy.

Included in this special issue:

Group photographs taken at the 2011 Spring and Annual meetings


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