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KX Aql

Special Notice #200: Outburst of the infrequently outbursting dwarf nova KX Aquilae

March 9, 2010: Observer Tomas L. Gomez (Madrid, Spain) reports that the infrequently outbursting dwarf nova KX Aql is currently in outburst. Gomez detected the star at an unfiltered magnitude of 13.58 on 2010 March 9.242 UT (JD 2455264.742). This system has been poorly observed over the past few months; the most recent observation of KX Aql was also by T.L. Gomez, who reported a fainter-than unfiltered magitude of < 15.12 on 2010 February 20.2617 (2455247.7617). Thus the starting time of the current outburst is not yet known.
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