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History of AAVSO Alert Notices and AAVSO Special Notices

Notifying observers and researchers of discoveries and requests for AAVSO observing assistance

Prior to the inception of the AAVSO Alert Notice in 1974, observers were alerted to a discovery or the need for observations of an object via a post card from AAVSO HQ or, if extremely urgent, a phone call from the Director or his/her assistant.

The AAVSO Alert Notice

MyNewsFlash Upgrade

We recently launched a brand new version of the MyNewsFlash. This new version is recoded 100% from scratch and fixes many bugs and annoyances that plagued the older version. It also has some nice new features such as links that take you to the light curve of the object with that data point highlighted, lists of the affiliations of observers that contributed data, comments for each data point, etc. The signup page also has more options, such as the ability to only include observations made using specific equipment.

MyNewsFlash Subscription Form

A new tool for adding, removing and updating your MyNewsFlash accounts is now online. You can visit it at this URL:

Observation Notification

The AAVSO offers several methods of getting the news out that your favorite star has been observed, or something odd and interesting is going on in the sky.


MyNewsFlash allows you to set up a method of emailing or texting you the activity of your favorite star, or class of stars. You can see what your star's current behavior is, based on current observations, and plan your science sessions accordingly. You can create your profiles for MyNewsFlash by clicking on the link above.

MyNewsFlash HTML Report Example

The following star(s) have observations in this report:

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