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In Memoriam: M. Daniel (Danie) Overbeek

Danie Overbeek

Michiel Daniel (Danie) Overbeek, 1920 - 2001


In Memoriam: Wayne M. Lowder

Wayne Lowder


I very sadly inform you of the passing away of long-time AAVSO member Wayne Lowder on January 31, 2003. His son, Bruce, informed us that he passed away peacefully while he was working with his computer.


In Memoriam: Casper Hossfield

Cap Hossfield

Casper H. Hossfield (1918-2002)

Remembering Dorrit

Remembering Dorrit

The following messages were either posted to the AAVSO Discussion Group or emailed to the AAVSO. If you would like to post a message, please email it to LINK:


In Memoriam: Dorrit Hoffleit

Dorrit Hoffleit
Dorrit Hoffleit, 1907 - 2007


In Memoriam: Katherine S. Hazen

Katherine Hazen
Katherine Hazen

Katherine S. Hazen, 1905 - 2003

In Memoriam: Raymond Winslow (Win) Jones

AAVSO observer Raymond Winslow (Win) Jones passed away on 28 February 2007 at age 98.


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