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observing campaign

Title Posted By Updated/commented date Typesort icon
Special Notice #262: Long-term monitoring of AGN targets extended weo 4 years 3 weeks ago Page
NGC 6811 Observing Campaign weo 2 years 2 weeks ago Page
Alert Notice 272: 1301-27 Supernova 2000P in NGC 4965 in Hydra AND 1247-28 EX Hydrae - multiwavelength observing campaign scheduled weo 1 year 44 weeks ago Page
Special Notice #406: KIC 02856960 entering eclipse window Matthew Templeton 11 weeks 6 days ago Page
Observing Campaign: Request to monitor SDSS 074545 for HST observations weo 2 years 2 weeks ago Page
rho Cas weo 2 years 1 week ago Page
Alert Notice 511: Monitoring requested for developing planetary systems dust production study weo 36 weeks 4 days ago Page
Alert Notice 430: Photometry requested of Blazar-type Quasars 3C 273 and 3C 279 weo 1 year 29 weeks ago Page
Alert Notice 367: Monitoring of the Recurrent Nova U Scorpii weo 2 years 2 weeks ago Page
Possible New Variable in Hercules: Var Her 04 weo 2 years 1 week ago Page
Alert Notice 507: Observations of the eclipsing binary b Persei Matthew Templeton 44 weeks 1 day ago Page
Special Notice #213: Request for observations of high-mass X-ray binaries weo 1 year 5 weeks ago Page
Observing Campaign: Exoplanet Transit Search for GJ 436 weo 2 years 2 weeks ago Page
CCD Views #326: Special Edition on IL Aqr/GJ 867 Campaign weo 2 years 1 week ago Page
Late Superhumps in WZ Sge weo 1 year 47 weeks ago Page
M31_V1's light curve is taking shape Matthew Templeton 5 years 7 weeks ago Blog entry
TT Ari continues its curious activity Matthew Templeton 5 years 5 weeks ago Blog entry
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