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Alert Notice 440: PEP Observing Campaign on P Cygni


May 17, 2011:  Ernst Pollmann, an active spectroscopist in Germany and leader of Active Spectroscopy in Astronomy, has requested the assistance of AAVSO photoelectric photometry (PEP) observers in a campaign to observe the S Doradus variable P Cygni through the 2011 observing season.

PEP data are needed for correlation with spectra of P Cyg obtained by Ernst and other spectroscopists as they study this very interesting star.

Long-term photometric campaign on the Luminous Blue Variable P Cygni

New: Preliminary results, 2010 November 4

The 2010 report by E. Pollman and T. Bauer is available from this link.  For the 2009 report, see this link

AAVSO Special Notice #131, November 7, 2008

List of target, comparison, and check stars for PEP-V observations

The link below contains the list of the current stars in the AAVSO PEP-V program.  Observations of any of these stars made using the AAVSO standard PEP method and these comparison and check stars may be submitted to AAVSO headquarters for automated data processing.

Click here to obtain a comma-separated (.csv) list of PEP-V target, comparison, and check stars.

This file is the current revision as of 2018 September 6. Note that it has been revised from the 2015 version.


PEP Newsletter v22n1

Photoelectric Photometry Newsletter

Volume 22, No. 1, January 2003

Editor: John R. Percy

Contributions to this Newsletter are gratefully received at any time. Please send them to: John Percy, Erindale Campus, University of Toronto, Mississauga ON, Canada L5L 1C6; e-mail: All material in this Newsletter has been written by the Editor unless otherwise indicated.

SSP-4 Targets and Comparison Stars

SSP-4 Targets and Comparison Stars

Table 1 - SSP-4 Target List



Spectral Class

Var Type

Period (d)

Comparison Star, Check Star

Lou Cox

Lou Cox

I joined AAVSO while attending a joint AAVSO/RASC meeting in Quebec, Canada, in 1983.

PEP Newsletter v24n1; July 2006

Volume 24, Number 1; July 2006

Editor: John R. Percy

PEP Newsletter

Photoelectric Photometry Newsletters

The Photoelectric Photometry Newsletter is no longer issued as a separate AAVSO publication. Beginning in August 2008, articles on photoelectric photometry are now included in the AAVSO Newsletter.

Past issues:

Obtaining your PEP epsilon(V) coefficient

Making Observations for Obtaining Epsilon-V Coefficient Using the Two-Star Method


Assuming you have a suitable photoelectric photometry system (telescope and photometer), you will also need the following:


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