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Student Projects Involving Eclipsing Binaries and Short Period Pulsating Stars


Alert Notice 425: Monitoring of HBC 722 and VSX J205126.1+440523 Requested

October 1, 2010: Dr. Colin Aspin (U. Hawai'i) has requested the help of AAVSO observers in performing long-term photometric monitoring of the two new young stellar objects (YSOs) in Cygnus, HBC 722 and VSX J205126.1+440523 (see AAVSO Special Notice #216).  

Work and Research Opportunities at the AAVSO

The AAVSO is a unique organization dedicated to variable stars and variable star research. We house the largest and most comprehensive digital variable star database in the world. The possibilities of future research with these data are limitless. If you are interested in working with the data directly from headquarters, or if you are interested in a possible volunteer position, we might have an opportunity available for you!

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